Giving Back

Sweaters for Charity

We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in mission work over the years. Our mission work has proven to be a very rewarding experience, uniting us with our fellow dentists around the globe, and allowing our staff to share in a life-changing experience.

The cost to participate in each mission is paid directly by each participant. The entire profit of the sale of the Peruvian artisan items goes directly to offset the cost of the mission. The Peruvian artisan items are purchased in Peru, directly from the small businesses that produce them. The artisans are paid up front for their items.

Haiti Mission Trips

We have had the privilege of working with Dental Care for Children, a group of dentists and volunteers who travel to Haiti and Mexico offering free dental care to those in need. We have completed 4 trips to Les Cayes, Haiti between the years of 2011-2015. Dental Care for Children works in conjunction with two orphanages in the Les Cayes area treating an average of 175 patients per trip.

Unfortunately, due to Hurricane Matthew which hit Haiti in 2016, we were not able to complete another mission there. We do plan on returning to Haiti once the situation allows us, but in the meantime we have volunteered with an Edmonton-based orthopedic organization, CAMTA, for a 2017 mission to Ecuador and hope to head to Mexico with Dental Care for Children in 2017.

The entire profit from the sales of the Peruvian sweaters and artisan items go directly to help us pay for the cost of the missions.

Team in a mission trip

Our team for this trip is made up of doctors, assistants, and laypeople all working together to get the job done.

Truck supplies delivery

Bringing in the equipment which is stored off site.

Waiting area site

Our waiting area is outside under a canopy for protection from the sun.

Clinic set up

We set up our dental clinic in the reception area and entrance of the orphanage.

Sterelization centre

Our very basic but functional sterilization area.

Dentist getting ready

Getting ready to see the first patient.

Dentist treating a little girl

Work begins.

CAMTA Mission 2017

Since we were not able to participate in a 2017 mission to Haiti, our office manager Marita volunteered to help out as a translator for CAMTA, an orthopedic mission working in Quito, Ecuador. CAMTA offers orthopedic surgeries to those people in Quito and surrounding areas who would otherwise not be able to afford the surgeries.



Mekel is 6 years old; until his recent surgery, he has been unable to stand. CAMTA surgeons lengthened the tendons in his legs on February 21, 2017. Physiotherapist, Barb Furler, helps Mekel take his first steps.

Edwin and Mekel

Edwin and Mekel

Edwin (left) is happily reading to his roommate, Mekel, at the end of the day. Both boys are expected to be able to live a normal life.

Edwin at home

Edwin at home

Edwin is now able to walk properly, his Achilles tendons has been repaired to allow him to place his heels on the ground.

Clinic during the day

clinic day

Marita Echaiz-Eguren, translator, helps the admission process go smoothly.


6-year-old Valeria has had a previous operation to correct her club feet. She has returned to continue with her treatment and this year had plates inserted on the inside of her knees, allowing the outside of her legs to grow straight. When her legs are straight, the plates will be taken out and she will walk normally. This will take about two years. Like the parents of all of the children helped by CAMTA, Emily's mother expresses tremendous gratitude. Her daughter will be able to run and play with her friends!

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