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Tooth Extractions

Say Goodbye to Problem Teeth

Extracting teeth is never our first choice, but sometimes this is a necessary step in order to prevent oral health issues from developing and worsening in surrounding areas of the mouth. After all, keeping all of your natural teeth isn’t always the best idea, as teeth can become severely decayed, broken, or infected and lead to much more serious problems. At Eguren Dentistry, we can extract your damaged teeth to preserve your smile. To learn more about how you can say goodbye to problem teeth, contact our office!

Reasons Why Tooth Extractions Are Necessary

Woman with toothache needing tooth extraction in Edmonton

We always do everything we can to help our patients keep their natural teeth, but sometimes it simply isn’t the best option. Here are some of the situations where a tooth extraction may help to eliminate oral health issues and benefit the well-being of your smile:

By extracting teeth that are causing problems, future infections and other issues are significantly less likely to occur.

The Process of Removing a Tooth

Tooth after extraction in Edmonton

We remove teeth by either pulling or surgical extraction. Teeth are only “pulled” when they have fully emerged from the gumline. In this case, we numb the area around your teeth and use a clasping tool to shift the tooth around until it is released from the gumline. If pulling isn’t an option, the tooth will need to be surgically extracted. For this procedure, a small incision is made in the gums to allow us the ability to reach enough of the tooth to remove it.

In order to determine which extraction method is right for you, schedule an appointment with us. This way, we can fully evaluate your situation. This is also a great time to talk about tooth replacement options to prevent future oral health issues that can occur as a result of tooth loss.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Woman resting after tooth extraction in Edmonton

Before you head home from the practice after your extraction, we will provide you with a specific aftercare plan to help you stay comfortable and avoid complications. Everyone’s case is different, but here are some instructions that are generally recommended for optimal recovery:

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