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Wilckodontics® Accelerated Orthodontic Treatments

How does Wilckodontics® treatments work?

The majority of major advances in orthodontics have been mechanical in nature. Brackets have become bondable and smaller, and even the archwires used to connect the brackets have made significant advances. Heat-activated archwires are actually activated by normal body heat and the foods and drinks we consume, creating consistent pressure to move teeth faster.

Aesthetic options such as Invisalign® and ceramic braces and even braces placed behind the teeth are very common and applied every day.

Wilckodontics® is a revolutionary method of Accelerated Orthodontics. When conventional braces alone could take between 12 to 36 months to achieve the intended results, with the help of this procedure you could be out of braces within 6 to 10 months! This procedure involves drilling tiny holes between your teeth and produces very little pain before and after the procedure.

With Wilckodontics, most orthodontic cases in both adolescents and adults can be completed 3 to 4 times faster than would be possible with conventional orthodontics.

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